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About Black Dog Tribe

Founded in 2011 as a social networking platform for people affected by depression and other mental health conditions, the Black Dog Tribe (BDT) website is intended to be a place in which like-minded people can find their own ‘tribe’ and share experiences in a supportive online community through forums, blogs, daily news and mental health information.


From the outset, BDT worked with mental health charity SANE in the development of web content and professional support. SANE had pioneered the UK’s first mental health telephone helpline; online emotional support services, and shared the vision of BDT to be independent, objective and pragmatic.  

To mark its 25th anniversary, SANE launched the Black Dog Campaign to help more people and reduce mental health stigma. The charity also worked with Ruby Wax on a series of mental health forums enabling people to engage with leading experts.

Marjorie & Ruby Wax

BDT gifted the site to SANE. Announcing the partnership, Marjorie Wallace, SANE’s Chief Executive, said: “The possibility of extending the reach of our on-line community both nationally and internationally through Black Dog Tribe is exciting. We will enable many more people with mental health problems to connect with each other, keep up to date with global mental health news and combine peer group support with speedy access to professional help such as SANE’s services.”

Welcoming the ‘marriage’, Ruby Wax said: “Marjorie and I toast the betrothal of SANE’s Black Dog Campaign and our Black Dog Tribe. We hope that they will have a family of thousands, whom we will welcome to our new home.”

About SANE

SANE is a national charity working to improve quality of life for anyone affected by mental health problems. Our vision is a society where mental illness is free from stigma, discrimination and exclusion, and where each individual can receive the personal care and attention they require at any stage of their life. To achieve this SANE:

  • Provides emotional support, confidential help and expert information through its telephone, email, online support forum and text messaging services.
  • Undertakes research to understand the causes of and better treatments for mental illness.
  • Campaigns to raise awareness of all mental illness and combat stigma.


  • Written by: admin

    We encourage blog writers who write about mental health in all its shapes and forms to share their posts with fellow tribers.

    As we are committed to maintaining a lively but civil platform for discussion, we ask, when you submit your blog, to please avoid the following:


    • Triggering language which could cause distress
    • Commercial promotions
    • Requests for financial aid
    • Mudslinging at other organizations

    Please email your...

  • Written by: admin
    Triber Heartily Mindful invites us to take a look at her view from the mountainside. In her blog, she finds that writing poetry supports her journey to recovery. You can find more of her work on her website or let her know your thoughts on twitter @heartilymindful.
    Come and take a view from my mountainside.  One I have been encouraged up. One I have been helped up. One I have been supported...
  • Written by: admin

    Professor Green has spoken about his father’s suicide and his own experiences with anxiety and depression in the hope that more men will open up about their mental health. 

  • Written by: admin

    A large new study of 14,000 new mothers has shown that breastfeeding can halve the risk of post-natal depression.  

  • Written by: admin
    By Kadie Regan, Huffington Post Blog 
    Having heard the saddening news that Robin Williams had taken his own life last week, I was forced to delve into a locked place in my mind where the fact of my mother's death exists.
    Depression defeated Robin Williams, and it has defeated so many more strong individuals before and since, including my mother. According to charity Mental Health Foundation, depression will affect...
  • Written by: admin
    Somewhere along the line, classical music has been appropriated.
    A guy walks on in a monkey suit and perpetuates the "amazing scowling genius shrouded in my own artistry" thing. Instead, why not introduce this guy Bach, who was surrounded by death – 11 of his children died in infancy, and then the love of his life dies – then plSomewhere along the line, classical music has been appropriated A guy walks on in a monkey suit and perpetuates the "amazing...
  • Written by: admin
    By Western Morning News
    Many people living with mental health problems in Cornwall have said they feel let down by their GPs and believe they are offered medication as an easy choice of treatment.
    Research conducted by the county’s health and social care champion Healthwatch Cornwall found that young people in particular were dissatisfied.
    Three quarters were unhappy with how clearly their doctor...