Let’s stop stigma – And change mental health

Welcome to Black Dog Tribe

Over the past two years of running the Black Dog Tribe (BDT) website SANE has had the opportunity to listen to thousands of Tribers, grow the community, and introduce new, creative and supportive ways to discuss all aspects of mental health.
Whilst BDT social media is very active, the use of the BDT forum and website is at a relatively low level. Based on this, we think the best way to continue our thriving community is to invite BDT members to join the SANE Community – which is the heart of SANE’s website.
As part of this exciting transition, which will take place on Monday 6th October, we will give Tribers an independent platform on the SANE website, enabling you to access content from the tribe, but also the SANE Community when you visit this dedicated space in future http://www.sane.org.uk/what_we_do/bdt/.
Registering as a SANE Community member is free and simple; this allows everyone to participate actively in SANE’s vibrant online forum. Here you can give and receive peer-to-peer support, and engage in conversation on any aspect of mental health. In addition, you will be one click away from accessing SANE’s emotional support services. Tribers will also be able to submit artwork, blogs, comments and stories, or view those of like-minded people.
We still plan to issue your daily delivery of mental health news and other content that you enjoy. We would love to know your thoughts on what content you would like to continue receiving from us. To air your views, tell us what works for you and your ideas on what else could be introduced to the tribe, please complete the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SSBW2DJ


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    We encourage blog writers who write about mental health in all its shapes and forms to share their posts with fellow tribers.

    As we are committed to maintaining a lively but civil platform for discussion, we ask, when you submit your blog, to please avoid the following:


    • Triggering language which could cause distress
    • Commercial promotions
    • Requests for financial aid
    • Mudslinging at other organizations

    Please email your...

  • Written by: admin
    Triber Hazel has penned a beautiful personal poem of gratitude to her counsellor, which explains how having their support has helped her rediscover her inner strength and resourcefulness.
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    Triber Lucy Roberts speaks openly about the feeling of losing one's identity when living with a mental illness.
  • Written by: admin
    Inspirational fundraiser Kevin Murray has welcomed SANE’s anti-stigma Black Dog Campaign into the North West for the first time.
    Kevin, who suffers from depression, decided to run the Great North Run for mental health recovery, but wanted to take his commitment one step further. He arranged for SANE’s Black Dog statue, Kalman, to visit Marple in Stockport.
    He said, “I got involved with the Black Dog Campaign...
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    By Naomi Greenway, MailOnline

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    By Hilly James, The Telegraph
    Using images from medical science, artist Susan Aldworth has used her work to raise questions about what goes on in her head, and about human identity.
    Most of us understand schizophrenia as a terrifying list of symptoms – hearing voices, hallucinations and psychotic episodes.
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    Hiya, thank you for commenting. It's a bloody hard and tiring life keep switching from one person to another and putting on the front or hat as you put it, eventually something will snap and it sounds like it did for both of us!! I really don't like the fact that over a year on I still can't work but you know what "it is what it is" it took me over 20 years to snap and it will take me a bit more time yet to get fully back on track, indeed it may never happen, but hey ho "ship hattens"....Read more