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A couple of handy tips for guest blog submissions

We encourage blog writers who write about mental health in all its shapes and forms to share their posts with fellow tribers.

As we are committed to maintaining a lively but civil platform for discussion, we ask, when you submit your blog, to please avoid the following:


  • Triggering language which could cause distress
  • Commercial promotions
  • Requests for financial aid
  • Mudslinging at other organizations

Please email your submission posts to submit@blackdogtribe.com.

In keeping with the Black Dog Tribe ethos, we will on occasion, invite  other regular

19 | 09 | 2013
Starting CBT

*Trigger warning* Tribe member Lucy shares with us her experience of starting cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and how it felt to open up candidly and

19 | 08 | 2014
Awareness – A Double-Edged Sword

Triber Miranda writes about the problems that may arise as mental health receives greater awareness, and how the misuse of psychiatric terminology could cause further stigma.

18 | 08 | 2014
Life moves pretty fast

Regular contributor Scott Delonnette writes on the busy yet fleeting nature of life, and how it's crucial to your well-being to stop and smell the roses once in a while - literally.

15 | 08 | 2014
'The dog ate my homework' lie

Seasoned triber Miranda de Barra once again takes the reins as this week's guest blogger. Here, she muses on the white lies we tell to disguise our mental illness - from 'The

14 | 08 | 2014
Self-harm does not define you

*Trigger Warning*
In the following guest post, triber Grace shares her experience of self-harm and the strength that she has discovered over the past 12

13 | 08 | 2014
Writing through the storm

Triber Anita writes about her experience of living with her husband as stress engulfed and changed him. If you are caring for a loved one who is struggling with a mental illness, you

13 | 08 | 2014
Put your label maker away!

Triber Lucy is calling for a stop to the name-calling and the horrible stigma that unfortunately surrounds mental illness. Read more on Lucy's blog

11 | 08 | 2014
Who is making waves with me?

Triber Debs runs her creative blog The Debs Effect. Inspired by wellbeing and 15 months in recovery, Deb writes about how she is proud

04 | 08 | 2014
Dealing with work stress.

Triber Kat Copley has written this wonderful blog on how she deals with work stress. A regular tribe contributor, Kat blogs about how she manages her bipolar disorder and balances

04 | 08 | 2014
Dance in the rain (and other cliches).

Triber Elle has sent us her blog post on starting #100daysofhappiness and her self-care mission.

04 | 08 | 2014