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A couple of handy tips for guest blog submissions

We encourage blog writers who write about mental health in all its shapes and forms to share their posts with fellow tribers.

As we are committed to maintaining a lively but civil platform for discussion, we ask, when you submit your blog, to please avoid the following:


  • Triggering language which could cause distress
  • Commercial promotions
  • Requests for financial aid
  • Mudslinging at other organizations

Please email your submission posts to submit@blackdogtribe.com.

In keeping with the Black Dog Tribe ethos, we will on occasion, invite  other regular

19 | 09 | 2013
We're all fighting our own battles

Regular Triber Miranda has sent in her blog about trying to change. Miranda takes time to recognise the need for self-care, evaluation and mindfulness. You can find her  @

22 | 07 | 2014
The Mathematical Meaning

Triber Kim writes poetry to explore her experiences with mental illness. We are all searching for truths in life, but have very different practices. Let us know your thoughts on Kim

21 | 07 | 2014
Happiness is...

What is happiness? Are your daily and weekly activities making you happy or should you cut them out of your life? Triber Doreen talks about her decisions, acknowledging which things

18 | 07 | 2014
Macaroni and C-Sections

Triber @honestmumwaffle is due to have a baby today - how exciting and many congratulations from BDT! She wrote the

17 | 07 | 2014
My #healingwords

Thank you to triber Scott Delonnette for sharing #healingwords from his very own blog

16 | 07 | 2014
Summer Holiday Stress Survival Guide!

For today's guest blog stress management expert and Triber Janine has sent us her guide to a less stressful Summer. You can find Janine and more of her work on her website at 

15 | 07 | 2014
Tea & Sympathy

Regular Triber Sophie recalls celebrating the anniversary of meeting members of the Black Dog Tribe team and Ruby Wax herself.  Sophie, now Landlord to what she calls the

14 | 07 | 2014
You have to want change and be prepared to fight it.

A fantastic, optimistic post by triber Chantelle about recovery, and the power of changing old habits and removing negative triggers for better mental health.

11 | 07 | 2014
Words & Pictures

Today's guest blogger Sophie highlights her literary hotpicks for easing depression and anxiety. Spanning comics, prose and poetry from Sylvia Plath to Ruby Wax, these are the perfect

10 | 07 | 2014
Speak as you would be spoken to

Triber Dianne contacted us with a blog about her father.

09 | 07 | 2014