The Best SARMs For Women: Dosage, Stacking, Results

Women tend to have different goals and motivations for using SARMs compared to men. The core/best SARMs for women are almost invariably different to those that males use.

For men, it’s all about strength, power, and building muscle. Shedding fat and tone are usually secondary to the main desire to “beef up”. The SARMs menus tend to be aggressively androgenic/anabolic.

But for women is different. It’s about shedding fat and toning primarily, the opposite of men generally, and also an opposite reason for using SARMs to speed up that process.

So what we’re going to do right now is talk to you about SARMs for females. You’ll learn what the top four best SARMs for females to use, how to dose them, how to stack them, and have a female SARMs cycle compares to a male one.

Are SARMs Better For Women Than Steroids?

Because women don’t suffer such androgenic problems, they often think they have a bigger choice.

Many females don’t just think about SARMs, they think about anabolic steroids, and even Prohormones as options because of this.

Steroids are really bad. This doesn’t matter if it’s males or females. They will take their toll on the female body, and can cause a myriad of nasty side effects.

Prohormones are slightly less damaging to women because they increase the availability of hormones in the body that can help with muscle development. However, they do still give you very bad side effects, and finding real prohormones for sale is virtually impossible anyway.

Also, steroids and prohormones are both outright banned around the world. Anything you buy is going to be a horrendous risk in terms of purity and actually getting it to arrive at your door.

So that leaves SARMs for females, which can have the following benefits:

  • They can increase endurance levels dramatically
  • Strength during and after workouts increases
  • They can increase body muscle mass
  • SARMs can dramatically tone the body
  • SARMs can protect tone even in a significant calorie deficit
  • The best SARMs for women can also cut significant fat

The Top 4 Best SARMs For Women

Not all SARMs are great for females to take though. You don’t really want to be using the fully androgenic ones that mimic testosterone or DHT production because they are usually too powerful and produce side effects like more body hair, alongside bulking up your muscles too much.

To achieve the key female goals of building strength and endurance, cutting fat, and improving body tone, the following are the four best SARMs for women:

  1. Cardarine (GW-501516) for women is a popular choice and the most widely used female SARM. This is because it’s a non-androgenic PPAR-Delta modulator compound. That means it improves endurance, cardiovascular performance, helps to burn fat, and speed up recovery times. Not just for women, but generally, Cardarine is known as “energy in a bottle”.
  2. The next most popular SARM for females is Ostarine (MK-2866). It’s also the mildest androgenic SARM. It’s absolutely brilliant for cutting fat and telling the body to maintain muscle even in a calorie deficit. On top of that, because it’s mildly androgenic it also will help you tone and gain strength.
  3. Andarine (S-4) is another brilliant choice for females. It’s androgenic, but not aggressively so. It’s also associated with delivering significant boosts in energy and determination. At slightly higher doses, it will build small amounts of muscle.
  4. Last on the list is Stenabolic (SR-9009). It’s another SARM which actually isn’t one, meaning it’s not androgenic. It works as a REV-ERBa agonist. That means it increases metabolic performance, boosts recovery times, increases your cardiovascular activity, and generally lowers your recovery times.

best sarms for females

How Long Should A Female SARM Cycle Be?

Because female doses of SARMs are smaller, it’s often assumed that a female SARM cycle should be shorter than that for men.

It actually depends on whether the SARMs are androgenic or not. Usually, females can actually tolerate a SARMs cycle for longer, because it doesn’t lead to testosterone drop, and the side effects females can experience take longer to manifest themselves.

But to be honest, though, I’d always advise you to keep the cycles around the same length as male SARMs cycles. This is because your body needs a break, and also there are other side effects that aren’t down to androgenic influence.

Because this guide is talking about several different types of SARMs for females, it’s impossible to give you a standard cycle length though.

But I would recommend an initial cycle of eight weeks, followed by an eight week gap as a general starting point.

If you feel fine after that, you could push it to 10 weeks, with an eight-week gap.

Some of that will depend though on whether you are stacking the SARMs, and what doses you are taking. Realistically speaking, the more you are stacking, and the higher the total dose you’re taking, the shorter the cycle and the longer the break will need to be.

Dosing SARMs For Females

SARMs doses for women are usually lower than for men as well.

Let’s look at average doses for the four best SARMs for women compared to men:

  1. Cardarine usually has an average daily dose of between 7 mg and 20 mg per day for men. However, for women, it’s usually recommended to max out at 10 mg every other day, or 5 mg (or less) every other day.
  2. Ostarine is the mildest of the SARMs for females, so can be dosed daily. A common male dose is between 10 mg and 30 mg per day. For women, it’s usually around 5 mg per day.
  3. Andarine can be quite potent at higher doses. A common male dose is between 25 mg and 75 mg per day. But for women, that’s as low as 10 mg per day, often dosed every other day.
  4. Stenabolic doesn’t have any androgenic effects but is quite potent. Usually for males, the low doses 10 mg and the ceiling 30 mg. For women, it tends to be 5 mg per day, or around 10 mg every other day.

Great advice for both men and women experimenting with SARMs is the same. Always initially dose very low until you see what effect it has.

So do a cycle of Cardarine for women on its own. Dose it at 5 mg per day, and see what happens over eight weeks. You can then always drop the dose, or take it every other day, and then stack it with something else at the same time for your second female SARMs cycle.

Female SARMs Stack For Strength & Cutting

Let’s now talk you through a simple female SARMs stack that’s great for gaining strength and cutting fat, the perfect first stack for you to use.

It takes advantage of underpinning the stack with the Cardarine, the best SARM for women in my opinion:

  • 5 mg Cardarine every other day
  • 5 mg Ostarine every day
  • 5 mg Stenabolic every other day
  • 8 cycle (can extend to 10 weeks if you feel good)
  • Take a break of at least six weeks

What this simple female SARMs stack will do is cut fat daily using Ostarine. You’ll also get the energy and stamina boosts from Cardarine and Stenabolic, plus an increase in metabolism and additional minor fat cutting. You will build any bulk using this, but you will also gain incredible definition and strength.

Do Women Suffer The Same SARMs Side Effects As Men?

Before I conclude this guide on the best SARMs for women by telling you where to buy them, I want to talk to you about SARMs side effects for women.

Because females are taking low doses, they tend to suffer fewer side effects. Also, they don’t suffer the androgenic effects in the same way as men.

However, women can suffer because of the increase in triggering androgenic responses if they take anabolic SARMs, amongst the list of general side effects:

  • Deepening of the voice
  • Increased body hair
  • Increased sex drive
  • Problems with muscles and bones
  • Acne and skin problems

Women can suffer problems with muscles and bones because SARMs can make muscles grow faster, putting stress on the underlying frame more easily than with men. Also, because the strength gains can be dramatic, women can push themselves too hard. Hence low doses, and taking things steady are recommended, at least for your first female SARM cycle.

Where To Buy The Best SARMs For Women

So, let’s finish by telling you about one of the best places you can buy guaranteed pure SARMs.

You’re looking for an all-important purity guarantee. The best SARMs sellers have every batch they buy in independent lab tested for purity. They then publish those lab test reports on the website so you can view the purity of what you are buying. That way, you know that you are always buying 100% pure SARMs.

The best SARMs for women, and indeed men as well, will come from one of these verified high-purity sellers. is my top recommendation based on two years of buying SARMs from them myself.

Prices are good, and they sell raw powder and sublingual liquid SARMs. I’d advise you to stay away from the powder because although the SARMs liquid is slightly more expensive, it’s just so much more convenient and easier to deal with.

To give you an example, Cardarine for women from costs just $44.99 for a 600 mg dropper bottle, dosing at 20 mg/mL.